Where is the brewery located?

The brewery is in a 100 year old barn on our family farm, just outside of Blaine, WA. On our farm, we grow hops, fruit and other ingredients for the brewery.

Do you have a tasting room?

We do not have a tasting room at the brewery. You might say that our “tasting room” is at the Bellingham Farmers Market, every Saturday. The full market schedule can be found on our calendar/events page.

Can I come see the brewery?

Our brewery is production only and not open to the general public, so please do not “try to find us” and stop by unannounced. We run a brewery and a small farm, so as you might imagine, we are very busy and probably cannot drop what we are doing to give you a spontaneous tour.

Speaking of tours, though, we do offer tours on a limited basis, typically two to three times per quarter. We announce these tour dates through our newsletter and social media, and you can find them on our calendar here on this website. Tours typically require reservation through our website/Eventbrite.

We also offer special, limited, private events here on the farm, such as hopsyard beer dinners, hop harvesting work parties, and special beer tasting experiences. Look for more information in our newsletter, through social media, and here on our website.

Do you work in the craft beer industry? If you are a professional brewer/buyer/sales rep/beertender/etc contact us to arrange a visit.

Where can I buy your beer?

Come to the Bellingham Farmers Market on any given Saturday (check our calendar just to be sure), or check our Beer Finder page to locate your closest retailer. Our beers are available at restaurants and retail shops in western Washington, from Blaine all the way to Tacoma, and in limited quantities in British Columbia.

Occasionally, pallets of our beer do find their way to other far off places, as well. In spring of 2019, limited quantities of our beer could be found in Florida!

Do you/will you brew IPA?

No, we do not, nor do we have any plans to brew IPA. We don’t have any hard feelings against IPAs, but they just don not fit neatly into our brewing philosophy or style portfolio very well. While we do brew some hoppier beers, we are much more interested in exploring the nuances of malt, yeast and adjunct driven flavors and aromas. Could we offer you a balanced pale ale, or a nice farmhouse or sour ale instead?

Do you grow your ingredients? What do you grow?

It is true, we are a “farm brewery” by definition and grow ingredients that go directly into our beers. We are not capable of growing all of our ingredients, both due to the physical constraints of our property and also the physical limitations of our human bodies. We do, however, currently grow around 65% of the hops and greater than 80% of the fruits, vegetables and herbs we use in our beers. What we can’t grow, we source locally whenever feasible.

We grow five different varieties of hops: Cascade, Centennial, Nugget, Tettnang and Willamette.

We grow a multitude of fruits: apples, pears, quince, peaches, plums, cherries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries and currants.

We grow a number of vegetables for the brewery, including: beets, carrots, potatoes and rhubarb.

We grow a variety of herbs, such as basil, cilantro, rosemary, sage and thyme, among others, that end up in beers.

We also forage for some ingredients on the peripheries of our property, like stinging nettles, blackberries and other items of interest.