Atwood Ales. Boom.

  • April 19, 2016

Our custom 2bbl brewhouse.

Breweries come in all shapes and sizes. Some fit on the kitchen counter, compiled from parts and pieces bought and found. Some fill up six story buildings with big, shiny, impressive tanks and miles of piping. Our brewery looks a bit more like the one on the kitchen counter, and even functions similarly in some ways.

The farm and our brewery fit comfortably on some lush, green acres just east of the Blaine city limits. Not too big, not too small — just right. Beers are born and raised inside an old barn where the beers adapt to the micro climate of the farm, of the barn itself, and of the steel and oak vessels that they ferment and condition in.

Brew barn.

Through the use of unjacketed tanks, open fermentation and mixed culture fermentation, our beers respond to the environment around them, rather than doing exactly what we tell them to. Seasonal changes in the weather, seasonal variations in the availability and quality of our farm grown and locally grown ingredients, and a collection of wild and domesticated fermenting and souring microorganisms all play different roles in creating our beers. In addition, our ability to grow and use our own hops, grains, herbs, fruit and vegetables is a a great inspiration.

The hop yard in spring.

It’s true that fermenting and conditioning farmhouse and sour ales takes a little more time and patience than regular ales, but we think it’s worth the trouble. We do get a little thirsty while we wait, though… so we also brew some clean and classic ales, too. We look forward to sharing all of them with you. Cheers!

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